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Cosmetic Surgery


A pioneer in the Cosmetic surgery

A fresh and youthful appearance is desired by one and all. We help to achieve your desired look by using the latest techniques and least invasive technologies like anti-wrinkle injections, derma fillers and cosmetic injectables. We stick to the highest standards of surgical and non-surgical care for our patients.


Wrinkles are fine lines, folds or creases in the skin and develop mostly as people get older. Other causes include sun damage, dehydration, smoking and other genetic and environmental factors. Major population become conscious as their skin start to show signs of wrinkles especially on the face and neck.

Our clinic specializes in anti-wrinkle injections which help in relaxing the muscles responsible for the aging lines, thus leading to lightening /disappearance of wrinkles unveiling a fresh and young look and loads of compliments!


Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin and helps in keeping the skin refreshed and stable. It also enhances the skin cells renewal and has phenomenal water retention characteristics. But with ageing, the skin starts to dry and retains less water. It ultimately leads to occurrence of fine lines and loosening of the skin.

The active ingredients in dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid. The effects are visible instantly after procedure. It is premixed with lignocaine, which is a local anesthesia and hence, the procedure is painless.

Fillers are useful in :

1-Cheek augmentation / enhancement
2-Lip augmentation / enhancement (enlargement).
3-Naso-labial lines (smile lines)
4-Perioral lines (smokers lines above upper lip)
5-Oral commissures (marionette lines)
6-Mid-face cheek enhancement

It provides instant cheek lift without surgery lasting from 9 months to 1 year.


Who doesn’t desire fuller, plumper lips!! This is what lip enhancement procedure is all about. It temporarily increases the lip volume using injectable fillers. The procedure also helps in defining the lip line. The durability of the fillers is dependent on the selection of the products. The injectables are professionally administered with utmost caution for least discomfort and maximum benefits.


Platelet-rich plasma procedure is a type of medicine which can build upon the body’s ability to heal itself and also helps in increasing the inherent growth factors in the body so that it heals a tissue on its own.

The therapy uses injections containing platelets from a patient’s blood in order to speed-up the self-healing of muscles, ligaments, joints, and tendons. We use this treatment to offer non-surgical means for facial skin rejuvenation. It, therefore, restores facial volume loss and enhances the skin texture. A number of celebrities vouch for the effectivity of this therapy.

FAT TRANSFER (Fat Filler Injections)

Fat transfer or fat grafting is a procedure that gives the desired body contours and improves body proportion. The procedure involves removing excess fat from one or more areas and injecting it into the desired area to add volume and reshape specific parts of the body. In order to know whether you can undergo this treatment or not, you need to book in the consultation at the clinic.


Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating in the underarm areas or the palms of hands and the soles of the feet. It can be a cause of unhappiness and embarrassment. A vast number of people resort to short-term measures like deodorants, perfumes or anti-perspirants. This can result in dis-colouration of skin and a smelly patch.

The long-term and reliable solution is a procedure which involves injection of botulinum toxin using super-fine needles. It is a short procedure and takes approximately 15 minutes and the effect lasts for six to nine months.


As we grow older, the skin loosens and droops. It starts from the upper and lower eyelids, followed by the skin around mouth and lastly the jaws. It loses its elasticity as well and the soft tissues begin to sag. The excess skin on the upper eyelid can sag to an extent that it starts interfering with clear vision.

A blepharoplasty is done to remove the excess sagging skin and fat from the eyelids. It helps in tightening the skin and the sensitive, soft tissues around the eyes.


Our mid-face and cheeks drop downwards and inwards with increasing age. Thus, a hollow gap appears over the top of your cheeks and next to the nose on both the sides. The cosmetic procedure to correct this involves lifting up the muscles of the cheeks and around the nose.

It helps in reducing excessive wrinkles and sagging of the skin. The procedure is least invasive with no visible scars.


This treatment is done to restore the damage done to the earlobes by an injury or piercing. The damaged earlobe can be corrected by a minor procedure. It can also be used to reduce a floppy earlobe due to ageing or weight loss.

This simple procedure is done in an office setting and the patient is discharged in less than an hour.


Gynaecomastia is a condition in which males develop abnormally large breasts that causes social and professional embarrassment. Common causes include nabolic steroids in body builders, hormonal effects of some drugs and kidney and liver disorders. This can be treated by the male breast reduction procedure that is performed under general anaesthesia.


A woman feels more feminine and confident when her breasts are what she desires. More than 50 % women favour moderate C cup, followed by a D and then a small C.


It is proven beyond doubt that breast implant surgery has many benefits to offer than just being attractive

Confidence build – There is no doubt that appearance has a big impact on confidence. Many women find that having larger and curvier breasts makes them feel more feminine and attractive. This has a positive impact on their overall confidence levels.

Enhanced looks – Breast augmentation is the perfect way to add volume and curves to your silhouette, in a way you want. Whether your goal is to go up to a certain cup size, fill out a bikini top, or just have curves in your everyday clothing, getting a breast augmentation can give you that new look you have always longed for.

Feeling young – Having fuller and perkier breasts makes some women feel more youthful. This is especially true for women who have breastfed in the past and as a result their breasts have sagged. A breast augmentation procedure can help restore their breasts to their original shape.


Micromastia is undeveloped breasts. There is none to a very little breast mound and it looks like nipples sitting on a flat chest like in men. There is hardly anything more embarrassing for a woman than this. Asymmetry in breasts can be very significant even visible through clothes.

Body image – Deformed breasts from birth, surgery or trauma can cause psychological problems where mind can refuse to consider these breasts as normal body parts. A breast augmentation also improves body image.

Restoration after pregnancy & ageing – pregnancy can take a toll on a mother’s body, especially her breasts. Breast augmentation can make them youthful and perkier.


A large number of women are dissatisfied with some or the other aspects of their nipples and areolas. There are a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures which are specifically designed to treat those issues for example a nipple lift for low nipples, reducing the nipple size for enlarged nipples, corrective procedure on inverted nipples or improving the irregularity or asymmetry of the areola.

Enlarged Nipples – Pregnancy hormones and breast feed can make your nipples longer wider and darker. Both, the length and the width, can be corrected by procedures done under local anaesthesia in rooms. The milk ducts and sensations are preserved.

Inverted nipples – The milk ducts get scarred in some women after breast feeding. As the scarred ducts shorten, they pull the nipple inside with them causing it to invert. Some patients can have this inversion from puberty, divided partially and it can affect breast feeding to some extent. We hence recommend this procedure after finishing with childbirths.